Spiderman Games to play and enjoy

Spiderman Games is a site full of crime-busting strength and agility! It is dedicated entirely to the web slinger himself. All the games here offer pure and action-filled enjoyment as only Spiderman can bring.

You can find a lot of free Spiderman games here; all of them are very thrilling and full of spider delight. Try each of them with your friends and find out who is the best player amongst you. Be the legendary wall-crawler and bash out the bad guys to protect the city in these games that will surely leave you wanting more. Go ahead and play all of them; they are fun, exciting, and most of all – they are FREE!

Spiderman Games - from a comic book legend to an Internet favorite

Spiderman was created by the legendary comic book writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Story says that Spiderman is a person named Peter Parker; an orphan who was raised by his aunt and uncle. He became a superhero ultimately, with super agility and strength; and in addition to this, he has also invented a device which he called web-shooter, an item that he puts on his wrists to be able to shoot super strong web slings. These help him greatly in battling bad guys then ending up as the winner all the time!